A Restless Spirit!

Hope Is Restless - But Has A Great Spirit!


Do you ever have a “restless spirit?” You know – It’s that feeling that there is something just not quiet right.  You can’t always identify the reason or where it is coming from, but you have a sense somewhere deep inside that something is just not right.

What Do You Do? When I get a restless spirit, then I can’t rest until I hear from God.  When I get a restless spirit, I have to hear from God, so that I can move on.  When I get a restless spirit, then I know that God is trying to tell me something and I need to listen close, so I look, listen and lean!  I look in His Word, listen for His voice and lean in His direction!

Don’t ignore your restless spirit! Pay attention to what you are not hearing or feeling, so that you can and will hear from God.  A restless spirit is not a bad thing, it is actually a good thing, because it helps you to get your focus where it needs to be if you are paying attention and that is off of self and onto the things of God.

Being Thankful! I am learning to be thankful for a restful spirit by learning to respond to it in the right way, the way that God intends – with an open heart, mind and attitude and a willingness to be led by whatever God shows me!