A Question For God!

Serving Others Is A Great Way To Serve God!

I want to be an extension of God! I want to be able to share Him and the difference that He can make with others.  I am not God and I can never be God, but I can share Him and the difference that He has made in my life.  God has so challenged and changed my life, that I want to share that challenge and change with others.  He really does make a difference today and in eternity!

I am not in control! That is hard to admit.  Sometimes I think that I would like to be in control, but it really does not matter how much I want to be in control or how in control I think I might be, the truth is:  I am not in control!  I have a set amount of time, the same as everybody else, but I never seem to have enough.  I have some amazing talents that God has blessed me with, but I fail to use them to their full potential.  God has given me many treasures in my life and I have taken way to many of them for granted by wasting when I should have been sharing.

I accept His calling to join Him in His Kingdom’s work! I am willing to do whatever He ask, whenever He ask, however He might ask!  My new question for God:  “How may I serve you today?”