How To Make Yourself!

Some Of The Candy From Last Year's Sweet Treat!
Some Of The Candy From Last Year's Sweet Treat!

Our goal today is to learn how to make hunger and thirst for righteousness work! To make it work you have to walk backwards through the first three Beatitudes! You cannot hunger and thirst for the things of God, unless you surrender control.  You will not surrender control, until you face up to and are sorry for your sin.  You will not face up to and be sorry for your sin, until you die to self. It all begins with dying to self!

Life is not about me! That really is a hard pill to swallow!  Life is about ETERNITY WITH GOD and my getting prepared for it.  God gives us our lives so that we might have the opportunity to make a choice to have a relationship with Him that will last forever and always.  “I” get in the way – way to much!  This is why it is so important that we learn to “die to self!”  If I stop and consider reality, then reality tells me that I am nothing without Jesus. If I am nothing without Him, then what am I with Him? When I learn to change my thinking, then my living will follow by understanding that me and my sin get in the way of God’s great plan.  When I start to grasp the cost of my sin, then I will be sorry for my sin and look for a way to gain victory over this thing that gets in the way of God’s amazing plan for my life.

I am a sinner! I don’t like to say that, but it is so freeing when I do, because it is the truth.  My sin gets in the way of God’s plan, so I/We/Somebody has got to do something about my sin.  This is why Jesus came – to pay the price that I could not.  God does not want to hold sin against you.  God wants to forgive sin and give you victory over it.  We cannot have victory without admission, confession and repentance!  Admit your sins – own up to them!  Confess them to God and ask for His forgiveness!  Repent – change your direction and give God the glory!  By the way this is what it means to MOURN in the Beatitudes!  When we come to this place of admission, then it should not be to far of a jump for us to come to the place of surrendering, giving up, letting go of control.

I get in the way! I have got to learn to do what God wants me to do and stop doing what He does not want me to do.  I need to be MEEK!  I seem to get this one reversed!  I don’t do what He wants and I do what He does not want.  I used to think that this meant that I needed to take my hands off of the steering wheel and let somebody else drive, but I think what it really means is that I need to listen to and follow the directions that I am given.  What good is a GPS if you are not going to listen to what the little man or woman tells you?  What good is God going to be able to do your life if you will not listen to and follow His directions?

You don’t have to be in control! You are never really  in control anyway!  Even when you think you are in control, it is just an illusion – because at any moment the next thing around the corner could be the thing that change’s everything!  Surrender control, not by throwing up your hands and doing nothing, but by listening for and responding to the still, small voice of God.  When you get to this place, you can’t help but to hunger and thirst for the righteous stuff of God!

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  1. This one will need to be read several times today! No way to read this without doing some soul searching!

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