Got Your Mask?

Bet You Can't Guess Who I Am?
Bet You Can't Guess Who I Am?

It is almost Halloween and most folks are already thinking about costumes. I have mine – it is a simple mask.  I tried it on one night and Joy and the girls laughed and laughed, so I bought it.  It is fun to put on a mask at Halloween and pretend to be someone or something that we are really not.

Most of us have a very serious problem of wearing a mask or masks even when it is not Halloween. We wear a mask and pretend to be something that we are not.  Many of us have been wearing a mask for so long, that we even fool ourselves!  We need to get real if we are going to get free!

I want a pure heart! I really do want my heart to be pure, because Jesus promises that those with a pure heart will see God.  I want to see God.  I need to see God.  I sometimes convince myself that my heart is pure because I do the right things.  But a pure heart requires more than just doing the right things.  A pure heart requires doing the right things for the right reasons.

A pure heart is a heart that is clean, uncontaminated and without corruption. If my heart is going to be pure, then I have got to take off my mask and/or masks of pretend and let Jesus deal with the real me.  My heart is not always clean and it cannot become clean, if I am unwilling to admit that it is unclean.  As I live in this world it is very easy for me to allow my heart to become contaminated with the stuff of the world.  Pretending that there is no contamination in my heart does not make it true.  Living with the contamination leads to corruption and before long my heart is in a desperate  and very serious place.

My heart is me, it is who I am! It represents the inner me, the me that I have to allow others to see.  When I get the inside of me right – the outside will follow!   This is where most of us mess this up, because we start on the outside.  It is the inside that matters!  God looks at the heart!

Take a good, honest look at your heart! What kind of work do you need to do?  What kind of work do you need to allow God to do?  Take off the mask or masks, get honest, be real and experience the freedom that only Jesus can bring.