Gray Turning To Blue!
Gray Turning To Blue!

This has been a crazy week! It is really hard to believe that it is only Wednesday.  If I had to use one word to describe this week, I would use the word “interruptions!” Everything that I have planned to do, has been interrupted by something else that was more important that needed to be done.  Most people who know me, know that I am a person that is usually operating off of a “to-do” list, but there are times when you have to ignore your to-do” list and go with the flow and this has been one of those weeks.

Here are just a few observations about interruptions: Interruptions are almost never wanted, but many times end up being just what we needed.  I have not got a lot of the things done that I had planned to get done this week, but I have accomplished a great deal.

Most interruptions will grow us – if we allow them to do their job! Interruptions are going to come and so we must be prepared to make a decision to ignore or give attention to the interruption.  Learning to make the right choice is vital to our being and doing what God has called us to be and do.  There will be times that the interruption needs to be ignored and you need to stay focused on the task at hand, while there will be other times where you need to step away from the task at hand and give your full attention to the interruption.

Our relationship with God is vital! To help you make the right decision, it is important that you are in a connected, growing and surrendered relationship with God.  This is the one thing that you don’t want to get interrupted.  Make sure that you take and make time to connect with and grow in God.  The ability to make the right decision about what to do about an interruption – flows out of a real and right relationship with your Creator, Who has always had your best interest at heart!

Enjoy, learn and grow from the interruptions that come your way – you will be glad that you did!