Your Problem – God’s Plan!

Riding A Bike Used To Be A Problem - Not Anymore!
Riding A Bike Used To Be A Problem - Not Anymore!

You Gotta Problem? All God’s children got problems!  What’s your problem?  Take a look at your life!  Right now – in this moment – what is your problem?  Be honest!  It does not do you any good to lie to yourself about it.  Reality says that you are in a problem, coming out of a problem or headed into a problem.

If you are honest with yourself, you will find that your problem is going to fall into one of two categories: You have something that you need to get out of your life or you have something that you need to get into your life! And it is very possible that you have something that you need to get out to make room for what you need to get in.

This is why you need a plan! A plan can be a very good thing.  You just have to make sure that your plan includes God.  In fact – our plan should always honor and glorify God.  Whatever your plan, make sure that it honors God and that it brings glory to His name.  Another important thing about a plan is to make God’s plan our plan.  If you can figure out God’s plan and make His plan your plan, then you have a plan that you can do something with and that can do something with you!

God’s Gotta Plan! One of our biggest problems is we fail to stick with the plan.  Most of us know the plan and we know that if we will stick with the plan, there will be blessing and victory, but we have a hard time.  Our biggest problem is “Follow Through!”  We know what we need to do and we just fail to do it on a consistent basis.  You can’t walk without taking steps and you can’t accomplish God’s plan for victory and blessing if you are not willing for follow through.

God Rewards Faithfulness! When I am faithful – God will take me to where I could never take myself.  God has a good place that He wants to take you.  God wants to take your bad and use it for good.  Let God in.  Follow His lead and go to a place that you never could go without Him!

To help you do something with this, I encourage you to take a few moments to be very honest with yourself and God about the following three questions: 1.  What is the challenge in front of you?  2.  What are your options?  3.  What does God want you to do about it?  Now DO IT!