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Take A Risk!

What kind of risks have you taken lately?  Most of us by nature are not “risk takers”!  When we do get around to taking a risk it is usually by accident and not because we planned it!  Having a relationship with God is all about risk!  Think about it:  The relationship is started and maintained through faith! 

Faith is the thing that makes risk possible!  Risk is the thing that allows God to show Himself through the accomplishments of our lives!  When I take a risk and step out in faith trusting God, I see things accomplished that I never would have believed could happen.  My faith leads to the risk and the risk grows and strengthens my faith!  Both faith and risk are necessary for my growth and development!

God wants to accomplish great things in and through our lives!  I refuse to believe that we are here by accident and without purpose!  God created us, gifted us and placed us upon this earth for the purpose of living lives that glorify Him!  God will provide whatever it is that we need to accomplish His calling, but it is our job to proceed forward by living a life of faith that takes the risks that allow God to accomplish in and through us more than we could ever dream or imagine! 

What risk do you need to take today?


Greater Than You Can Imagine!

God wants to do greater things in and through our lives!  He wants to do greater things than we could dream or imagine!  For God to do His stuff to and through us, we must SURRENDER!  When we surrender – He moves us out of our limited power and vision and into the SUPERNATURAL!  Only when we give God complete and total control, can He move us from good to great!

I am not and cannot be satisfied with the status quo!  I have no choice, but to go against the flow of self satisfaction and mediocrity!  God wants to do amazing things in and through me and God wants to do amazing things in and through you also!  There will be moments of doubt, but that is when our faith kicks in and we trust God to give us the strength to take on our uncertainties!  God is calling you to something that is much bigger than yourself.  Nothing is impossible with God!  Trust Him and let Him grow your FAITH!


One of the easiest things in life to get messed up is my priorities!  This month I am challenging everyone to ask the question:  WHAT REALLY MATTERS?  And I am challenging us to answer the question with insight from God and His Word!  Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A calls the big three priorities of life:  “Master, Mate and Mission!”

MASTER!  Who or what is the master of your life?  We know Who it should be, but we don’t always allow Him to stay in His rightful place!  Take some time today to allow God to step into the head place of your heart and life!  You will be glad that you did!

MATE!  God has placed you in a family!  Your family should bless you and you should bless your family!  Don’t wait for them to get it right – you start right now to serve them in any and every way that you can – it will blow their minds and open their hearts, and grow you in the process!

MISSION!  God loves you and has an amazing plan for your life!  When you start to live according to His plan – it will amaze you at what God can do to and through you!

WHAT REALLY MATTERS?  Probably not what you first thought!