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Sacrificial Love!

Do you like surprises?  I love surprises!  Well – let me rephrase that:  I like good surprises!  And as I was going through my mail this morning,  I got one of those good surprises!  No – it was not “Publishers Clearing House”!  It was a small package from one of my church members.  When I opened it, I found a little book for pastors.  And inside of the book was a hand written note that expressed encouragement, appreciation and love!  IT MADE MY DAY!

I think one of the reasons that this was such a special blessing to me was because of the sacrifice that I know that this person had to make!  First, they sacrificed their time to think about me and then go through the motions of buying, packaging and mailing their special gift.  Second, they sacrificed themselves by not just thinking about doing a nice thing, but actually doing it!  Third, they sacrificed their resources to buy and mail this gift!  They were not content with just saying “I love and appreciate you!”  they wanted to show it in a real and tangible way!

I could not help but to stop and think about the love of Jesus for you and me!  It was a sacrificial love!  Real love is a sacrificial love!  Real love is willing to sacrifice for the one that the love is being expressed toward!  Think about your love for Jesus – how can you sacrifice for Him today?  Jesus said:  By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love one for another.  (John 13:35)  Think about the people that you love – what kinds of sacrifices can you make for them this week that will express your love in a real way?  Now, don’t just think about it – DO IT!

Forget You!

I must admit – I am a little dismayed today!  It is really hard for me to understand how a person can look you in the face and tell you how much they love you and then turn around and with their actions say just the opposite!  I heard someone say the other day, that earth would be a pretty cool place to live if it weren’t for all the people – there are days that I would agree! 

I have been sitting here for a good part of the morning trying to figure out how Jesus did not just throw up His hands and say “FORGET YOU!”  And while I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself, I know in my heart that I cannot stay this way.  I love God – it’s not just words – I really do love God and because I love God – I love people, even when they disappoint, frustrate and irritate me!

My morning has not started out the best, but that is okay, because it has helped me to focus my heart and life in the right direction and as I continue to travel in that direction – God will heal and grow me into what he wants me to be!  I thank God for loving me, especially when I am unlovable and as His love flows to and through me, I will share that love with others, even when they are unlovable!  To God be the glory in all things!