To My Wife!

God Blessed!

I love you!  It is so much more than words.  I love to make you laugh and see you smile – it really does something inside of me when I do.  I am so glad that we get to do life together and thankful for the two miracles of Grace and Hope that our Creator allowed our love to produce.  You understand my calling and know better than anyone else how real and powerful it is in and upon my life.  When others just don’t or won’t get it, it is great to have at least one person on this earth that does.  And I will die a blessed man, if God, you and my girls get it, even if no one else does.

For 19 years we have walked together as husband and wife.  A team that God brought together and has kept together for His glory.  Thank you for being a loving wife, dedicated mother, faithful friend, willing servant and all around great woman of God.  I could not do what I do without you and have only made it through the struggles of life and ministry because God in His great wisdom placed you by my side.

When we named our daughters, it was the prayer of my heart that they would grow to live out and represent the characteristic of God that their names represent.  I had this prayer because their Mom has done and does exactly that.  You are JOY.  You are my JOY and I love you!  Thank you for 19 years and for always being right where I need you to be.  I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.  I am so glad that together we serve a God, Who continues to grow the love for His glory and our blessing!


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