Don’t Miss Your Miracle!

When we stop and think about it, we have to realize just what a miracle this gift of life is. We live our lives looking for, hopeing in some way that we might experience a miracle in some shape or form and then we get frustrated when it does not manifest itself in the way we think it should. The reality is that miracles are all around us at all times. We just need to retrain our brain and spirit to recognize the miracles.

When we walk outside and look up at the sky, that great big beautiful sky is a miracle. Now think about the miracles you missed along the way. We walked outside. Our feet had to function with our legs, which had to work in conjunction with our brain and thoughts. Our hands, arms, brain, eyes and sensation of touch all had to work together tododge obstacles and open doors to pass through along our way. Our neck, head, eyes and brain had to work in synchronization to look up, take it in and appreciate and acknowledge it all. Every step of the way a miracle!

Every moment of every day is filled with the miracle manifestations of life. Everyday the Universe works to our advantage to show us kindness and enable us to embrace whatever may come our way as a part of our purpose. It is true that we tend to see what we look for and so maybe the reason we are not experiencing miracles is because we are not seeing them and maybe we are not seeing them, because we are not looking for them???

And Jesus said to him, “‘If you can’! All things are possible for one who believes.” -Mark 9:23

If you want to grow your belief then make sure to take time today to look for and see the miracle in all things. Stop and take the time to notice the miracles all around you. Accept and return all of the sweet kindness that flows your way. Learn to grab hold of and embrace the good that makes up and shapes your amazing life?

Every day is precious gift from your Creator. You are Spirit and in connection with God and every good thing that flows through His Being, every miracle that manifests itself as real in your life, every blessing that flows to and through you are gifts of His love for you.

Open your eyes and see the beauty that wraps itself around you. Open your ears and hear the music that makes up the soundtrack of your life. Open your spirit so that you might feel the tender touch of your most loving God. Train yourself to recognize the miracles, grow through the challenges and expand His love by allowing it to flow into and through your life. When you get this right, you will not just experience miracles, you will realize that you are one!