Dealing With A Wild And Crazy Mind!

I used to love to watch and listen to Steve Martin do his “Wild & Crazy Guy” routine and it was very wild and very crazy. I think I loved it so much, because that is exactly how my mind tends to work. My mind tends to be wild and crazy with thoughts thousands of thoughts bouncing around in thousands of different directions. Can you relate?

It’s taken me at least half of a life time to learn that it does not have to be that way. I have the power at any given time, whenever I choose to direct my thoughts and control my mind. And when I choose to do this apart from my ego and yielded to spirit, the supernatural takes place and amazing things begin to manifest into my life.

Another word to describe my wild and crazy mind is chaos. And when chaos is present, peace has usually been sent packing. In order to get a mind of peace, I must deal with chaos and to deal with chaos, I must redirect my mind away from wild and crazy into the direction of love. The God mind is a mind of love, because God is love.

To redirect my mind to love is to make the choice to surrender my thoughts to God, to allow God to take my mind into His loving hands and reshape it into what it was originally supposed to be, before the chaos of sin got a hold of it.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. -Colossians 3:2

The key to getting rid of the wild and crazy thoughts of chaos that are running rampant all over the place is to set/focus/direct your mind on things above – the stuff of God, which is love. To set your mind on things above, you have to take your mind off of things here below – the earthly stuff that causes chaos and confusion.

It begins with a choice! You have to get tired of the way that is not working to find the motivation and discipline to do something about it and stick with it. This is why we go to love and not just any love, but the supernatural love of God, because it empowers us from the inside to make real life changes on the outside that enable us to live the blessed life we were created for.

So be a wild and crazy guy or gal if you want to and have fun with that, but don’t give up your mind. Keep it in God’s hands and under your control and you will be amazed at just how wild and crazy in a good way, this life here on earth can be!