Beginnings And Endings!

Change is the real constant!  Change is an expression that life is still going and evidence that there is purpose and meaning to our existence.  If you are paying attention then you realize that there is a cycle of life and that we are all apart.  Things come and things go.  We often view the coming and going as temporary, but in reality, it never stops – it is a constant.  We can count on the coming and going everyday of our human experience.

When something comes to an end, we often want to mourn.  It may be the closing of a phase in your life, the ending of a relationship, the completion of a project, the termination of a meaningful connection or death itself.  The wisdom writer of Ecclesiastes 3:1 puts it this way: “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

Realizing that this process of coming and going in life should produce rejoicing, not sadness in our lives and living.  We should live in peace knowing that we are a part of the whole.  Everything comes from the Creator and everything must return to the Creator, for the Creator to do with as He pleases.

What we perceive as an ending is really a beginning.  There is life beyond this present moment.  That is not to say that you should not get the most out of this present moment, because you certainly should.  It is to say that life is made up of many moments and we should never miss the enjoyment of next because we are stuck morning the passing of the last.

Stop and observe life and realize that endings are beginnings, because life is constant!   Remind yourself that your Creator is at work within you and through the events of life, and make the decision to connect and not miss a thing.  When you begin to think this way, peace will take the place of despair and you will have hope and with hope comes amazing blessing.

Someone once coined the phrase:  “This too shall pass!” and they were exactly right!  The stuff of life comes and goes.  You can rely on the reality that all of life is either coming or going.  Look around you and see the evidence – spring flowers, wrinkles, birth, death, relationships beginning and ending.  All the stuff of life – coming and going, beginning and ending is all a part of the journey, a journey where hopefully you are living blessed…