Totally Weird!

Weird is a side-effect of awesome!

In life you have a choice, you can be a copy of someone else or you can be yourself.  If you make the choice to be yourself, then be the very best you that the world has ever seen.  Be happy with who you are, what you’ve got and where you are.  This does not mean that you kick back in the lazy boy with a “I’ve got it made” mindset.  It means that you take on life with the very best of yourself and enjoy, grow and learn from everything that life brings your way.

Part of being awesome is learning that you are special and there is an amazing purpose to your existence here on this earth.  When you get this and begin to live life with this truth in mind, you will be awesome at almost everything you do and people will think you are weird, but that is a good thing, because weird is a side-effect of awesome and when you are accused of weirdness, then you know you are there.

Enjoy being the awesome you that you were created to be, learn to appreciate the weirdness in yourself and others and always live blessed!


Open Your Mind To Wonder!

“Don’t be afraid to be open minded. Your brain isn’t going to fall out!”

The world is full of potential, just waiting for someone to discover it.  We often miss out on some of life’s greatest blessings, because we are unwilling to have an open mind.  Our failure to open our mind, causes us to have closed eyes, which cause us to miss opportunities that could allow us to care and be cared for in a deeper and more meaningful way, to love more intimately and to share experiences that bless in both directions.

When we were children, open mindedness was easy for us and our world was filled with wonder.  There was an adventure around every corner and exploration was something that we could not wait to do.  Open your mind and get some of your childhood back.  Enjoy the wonder of every moment and think about how crazy it could be if your brain did fall out???  If by chance it does, just pick it up, dust it off and put it back in your head!

Discover the wonder of this great big amazing life that we have been blessed with and don’t forget to live blessed!

What Are You Growing?

“Your mind is a garden.
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow fruit or you can grow weeds.”

It is very important that we figure this one out, otherwise we are just walking around stuck in confusion, dissatisfaction or frustration.  Your mind is a precious gift, given to you by your Creator.  With your mind you have the ability to create something from nothing.  You were created in the image of the creator, this means that the Creator has given you special talents, skills and abilities.  Most of us never discover or tap into the power that is within us.

Your mind is a garden in that it is always producing/growing something.  You are the one with the power to determine what your mind is going to produce/grow.  The way you control what your mind grows is by making sure that you have the right thoughts.  When you begin to see your thoughts as seeds, then you should be much more careful about what you allow yourself to think about.  If you plant tomato seeds out in the garden, then you are going to produce/grow tomatos.  If you plant squash seeds, then you are going to produce/grow squash.  You get it – right?  The same thing is true in your mind.  If you plant peace, then you will produce/grow peace.  If you plant strife, then you will produce/grow strife.

What do you want in your life?  Plant it in your mind with your thoughts and watch your mind grow it into reality.  You can grow fruit that can be enjoyed by all or you can grow weeds that are a continual pain in the tail – the choice is yours.  I hope you will make the choice to plant the positive thought seeds that will move your life in a direction of allowing you to live the life that you were created for.  Live Blessed…