One of the most powerful gifts ever given to man is the gift of trust.  God has given us the ability to trust in Him and as we learn to trust in Him, we find the answers to the questions that really need answering.

Whatever you are facing, simply learn to say:  “I trust you!”  As you learn to say “I trust you!” in whatever comes your way, you will begin to see your Creator at work even in the challenges of life.  Realize that your Creator is in control and allows whatever flows to flow to and through you, if you will trust and allow it.

Learning to say and believe “I trust you.”, enables you to see things from the divine perspective.  Trust chases away the darkness with the light of God’s universal presence and power.  Fear, anxiousness and worry cannot exist in the light of His presence.  Challenging circumstances become dynamic opportunities for growth when we learn to affirm our trust in Him.

Open your life to receive blessings gratefully, challenges hopefully and your life will learn to trust, and trust will strengthen the most important relationship of your life, which will in turn strengthen and grow the meaningfulness of all your other relationships.

Trust and live blessed!