Slow Down!

The country music group Alabama sings a song called “I’m In A Hurry!” which says:  “I’m in a hurry to get things done, Oh, I rush & rush until life’s no fun.  All i really gotta do is live & die.  But, i’m in a hurry & don’t know why.”  This is a pretty good picture of most of us – always in a hurry and not sure why.

We need to take time to MELD into our surroundings, so that we might enjoy and learn from them in their fullness.  To learn to stay still within, while everything else is rushing by around us is a discipline that has to be practiced.  Once learned, it will allow us to live a very different and much more fulfilling life.  God put it this way in Psalms 46:10 “Be still and know that I am God!”

We originate from stillness and when we learn to live in stillness, we discover an unlimited potential.  Let your mind flow with life and enjoy the shaping that comes from within and without.  Living in stillness will allow you to experience a peace that flows from deep within you, which will allow you to face and grow from everything going on outside of you.

Clarity is coming, if you can slow down enough to not miss it, as it passes by you.  When we get into harmony with nature and move in sync, not ahead or behind, then we begin to develop roots that nourish us with the deep, good stuff of our Creator.

Life is always unfolding, but it usually does it slowly.  If it seems fast, it is because we have chosen to speed things up with our way of living.  Let go of the demands that force you to do fast and learn in the stillness to know the One, Who created you.  The One who is unfolding your life according to the Master plan.

When you learn to live in the natural flow of life, life is fun and relaxing – like riding an inner tube down a slow moving stream, just enjoying the sights, sounds and new discoveries along the way.  Take some time today to sit quietly and think about slowing down.  Ask yourself:  Why am I in such a hurry?  Learn to live life at the old, original pace of slow and enjoy the unfolding of God’s blessing.