The Path Is Your Friend!

The Friendly Path
The Friendly Path

We know the way that we need to go, but we are not willing to follow it.  We think about it, we start, but we never end up following through.  Doubt finds its way into our thinking and interferes with our traveling forward.

If we are to make it through the flood and famine, earthquakes and hurricanes, monsoons and droughts of loneliness, fear and depression, then we must stay on the path and follow it wherever it intends on taking us.

Good and bad are a part of our life.  If we turn around at the first encounter of bad, then we will miss the good that lies just beyond it.  What good is it to walk in circles?  You have a path and what you are going to encounter on the path cannot be avoided, for each of us must eventually face and deal with whatever our path has for us to face and deal with.

You will exhaust yourself, if you try to do this on your own.  The reason we encounter bad on the path of life is to teach us, grow us, develop us into the special creation that we were created to be.  Follow the path that has been marked out for you, it is your friend and will take you to amazing places of genuine happiness…