Your Path!

Your Path Will Take You There!
Your Path Will Take You There!

I am a simple man, a little bit country, but with some different forms of education.  My views on life have grown out of walking through mountains of challenge and valleys of loss.  I love the outside and I am not afraid of hard work, in fact, I enjoy manual labor, because I find that it often frees the mind to travel to amazing places.  As I have journeyed through this life, I have found and I am finding that there is an order to life and living.  The sun rises and sets.  The moon goes through its phases.  The earth grows, the tides come in and go out and the seasons change.  I have seen the miracle of death and been a witness to the dignity of death.  I have been touched by thousands of lives and in return have been blessed by having my life touch thousands as well.

I love the night, when the darkness falls and the star’s light up the sky.  One of my favorite things to do, is sit by a fire and share life with those that are interested.  I enjoy painting a picture with words that help to express what I think and what I feel inside.  I have discovered that the best lessons for me to share are the ones that I have learned from my very own personal experience.  Life is movement and is greater and more vast than anything our human minds can imagine.

We are all runners on a path, the path is life and it is taking us to a place called eternity.  There is much for us to learn and so much for us to gain.  I cannot know everything and this is a good thing, because it means that there will always be something for me to learn.  My path is in front of me and so I will run and see where it will take me.