Open Your Eyes!

Open Your Eyes And See!

If we want to learn, then we must open our eyes to the things all around us that are inviting us to enlightenment.  If we want to learn, then we must be willing to seek out the right teachers and not waste time with teachers of idleness that we often allow to come into our existence.

The greatest learning comes from walking through life together.  It is the simple conversations while sitting in the cool shade of the big tree, or the quiet invocations while sitting on a rock by a running stream.  When you decide that you want to see, then it is amazing what you see, simply by walking and looking through life.

The animals, plants, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes and ocean all communicate truth that will set us free.  The sun, stars and moon tell us things that take us to places that we could never take ourselves.  There is limitless variety in this world and it is all provided to guide us on our journey.

The wise teacher understands that making a student see is not education, instead they provide the opportunity to see and the student in seeing is learning.  We do not learn from words or ritual, we learn best from observation and participation.

Live, travel and walk in the steps of the teachers that have been provided for you.  Learn in this moment, what the Creator has for you to learn.  Open your eyes and see all that is around you.  See what can’t be seen and learn the secrets that make life amazing.

We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Our spirituality does not come through a teacher, we are spiritual with or without a teacher.  The right teacher simply provides us with opportunity for better understanding and application.

Open your eyes and trust what you see!