Invitation To Adventure!

Somebody Loves You!

Jesus invites us to “Come to Him”.  When we accept this invitation, then we must come with the right spirit.  The right spirit means that we are open to learning new things and new ways. We need to possess an excitement about the change that we are about to experience.

Almost every encounter with Jesus brings us to a place of uncomfortable change, which invites us into a continual newness and excitement.  We cannot have this supernatural life by clinging to our old ways, thoughts and desires.  We instead, must open our hands and heart and let go, as we seek to let our feet walk us into a new and wonderful place that we have never been before.

To seek the face of Jesus with and open mind, surrendered heart and obedient spirit is to embark on an amazing journey of transformation.  Take some time today, right now in fact, to center your thoughts on Jesus.  Let all of that other stuff go and for the next few moment focus on Jesus.

He knows you better than you know yourself and He completely understands you.  He gets you, even when no one else does.  He embraces you with His thoughts and wraps His arms of everlasting love around you to let you know that He’s got you and whatever it is that you are facing.

In case you were wondering?  Yes He does have plans for you – amazing plans.  He wants to prosper and grow you.  He wants to give you a hope that last forever and He has a future that you cannot even begin to dream or imagine.  (Jeremiah 29:11)

Take some time, yes right now – to wrap your arms around Him and the plans He has for your life.  Ask Him to help you to pay attention to Him and not get distracted by the noise of this world.  And enjoy the journey – you will be glad you did!