Legendary Surprise!

I Was Surprised!

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised?  This is the experience I had when I actually took the time to watch a movie put out by The World Wrestling Entertainment Group, starring John Cena.

The title intrigued me, but when I saw that the movie was starring John Cena and was put out by WWE, I thought to myself: “This is probably going to be a waste of time, but I might as well give it a shot!”  And now I have to confess, it actually was a good movie with a very encouraging message.

The movie is a story of redemption and a different kind of victory.  It is a mixture of redemption stories, promises made and promises kept, as well as a look at what really winning is all about.  It is the story of a teenage boy coming of age, while coming to terms with the hand that life has dealt him.  It is the story of a single mom, who is doing her best to make things work, even though none of her current life is what she planned.  It is the story of a man, older son and big brother, who thought it was easier to walk away, but discovers life can’t work without his family.

Life is hard.  Life will throw you more than a few curves.  Life is about learning, growing and becoming.  I enjoyed this movie, walked away with a good feeling inside and found encouragement to keep learning and growing.

I hope if you get a chance to see it, that it will be a surprising encouragment to you…