Ordinary On Purpose!

Ordinary Is A Good Thing!

What an amazing thought:  The Lord is offering us a chance to literally change the world!  We have been placed in this time and place for a purpose.  We are not here by accident or coincidence.  We have the opportunity, right now, right here, today to live our life on purpose, for His purpose, which is what we were created for.

When I read through the Scriptures, I am often amazed at the extraordinary things that were accomplished in and through the lives of people.  People who chose to live for God’s purpose over their own.  The other really amazing thing is that these people who did extraordinary things for God, were just ordinary people.  Many of them were failures, screw-ups and great big sinners, until the Spirit got a hold of them.

This is one of the reasons I have always loved the church.  The church at it’s best is just a collection of ordinary people, who have yielded themselves to the Spirit of God so that His power might accomplish the extraordinary through them.

Right now as you live your life, whatever you are going through, good or bad, God has positioned ordinary you to be used in an extraordinary way by Him and for His glory.  The key for you are me is to 1.) Wait on the Spirit! and 2.) Yield to the Spirit!

Waiting is hard, but it’s what the Lord told His disciples to do in Acts 1 – “Wait on the Holy Spirit to fill you with God’s power!”  Ordinary can never accomplish extraordinary without the power of our Creator.

Once the power of God is flowing into our lives, we need to make sure that it flows through our lives and this is why the yielding is so important.  It’s not about what I think, want or feel.  It’s about what God created me for, what God saved me for, what God fills me for and what God gives me power for.  And God has done all of this, so that I might be His witness.

Our lives are to be living witnesses of the power of God that flows into and through ordinary lives to accomplish extraordinary things for God’s glory.  Yes you are ordinary, but this is not a bad thing, this is actually a very good thing, because as God fills you with His power, your ordinary becomes His extraordinary and God gets all of the glory!