I Have Decided!

I've Made My Choice!

I am not ashamed to be a part of the fellowship of Christ.  He chose me and I have made my choice.  I am not satisfied and cannot be happy unless I am serving Him.  I am a disciple of Christ and I have much to learn.  I will forget the things that are behind, because I do not have time to waste.  I will make the most of everyday by doing as the Spirit leads, rather than as man expects.  The path I am on is the one that God has laid out for me and I will not vary from the left or to the right.  I am working, moving, sharing, serving, ministering, learning, teaching, preaching and loving with all that I’ve got, because that is what I was created for.

My past is forgiven and not held against me, so I will not hold it against myself, just as I will not hold your past against you.  I have been redeemed, bought and paid for by the precious blood of my sweet Savior.  Where I am at this very moment, is the place that God created me, Jesus saved me and the Spirit leads me to be.  I am more than confident that I have a future and enjoy the security that only my high and holy God can provide.  I will not live the simple, by what I can see and know for a fact life.  I am done with what can be explained, understood and accomplished with human understanding and manipulation.  I cannot find any satisfaction in the small goals, superficial giving, limited vision and pretend dreams of this fantasy world that it built more on talk than walk.

With each breath I breath, I am looking forward, moving faster toward the goal of living forever in the presence of my most high God and King.  This is not a wide gate that I have chosen to enter.  This is not an easy path that I’ve picked to roam.  The challenge is real, the journey is lonely and the enemy is powerful.

But my God is real, my Savior is sure and my Spirit is the trustworthy guide.  I know where I am going.  I know what I must do. I will not give up or give in.  I will not shut up or sit down.  I will continue to lift my prayers, store my blessings and fight the good fight, until my Jesus comes to take me home.

Whatever I have is His.  Wherever He leads I will go.  With every breath I breath, I will preach the glories of His love, so that at least one more might experience His grace and discover His hope.  This is not so that I can earn my way, but because He has given me that which I could never earn – a relationship that changes my today, my tomorrow and my forever!  May my life honor and glorify Him!


4 thoughts on “I Have Decided!”

  1. AMEN & AMEN!! The journey is not lonely, the world makes it look lonely, but you have brothers and sisters who share the same goals, multitudes of ministering angels assigned directly to you, and an omnipresent, loving God Who is ALWAYS with you. BTW, one of my
    warring angels makes Edward Scissorhands look like a butterfly.

  2. Amen and Amen!
    There is power in the truth!
    There is power in the cleansing blood of our Lord Jesus Christ!
    I will praise Him all the days of my life and forevermore!
    He is the beginning and the end of all things!
    I belong to Him and He belongs to me!

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