Heart Joy!

The Joy of The Lord Is Your Strength!

We started a new series at Northwood today.  The series is called “Journey To Joy!” and it’s all about discovering who we are and what we have in and through our relationship with God.

As we began our conversation about joy at church today, we discovered that joy is a work of God, not a work of man.  Man can manipulate outside circumstances, which will lead to happiness, but the gift of joy that God gives to us flows from within.

Joy flows out of our life, when we learn to yield to the things of the Spirit.  The Bible says that we sow to the flesh or to the Spirit and our choice will directly impact what we reap.  God has an amazing harvest that He wants to bless us with, but we have to make right and wise choices.

Our heart is filled with joy when we allow ourselves to experience genuine worship of our Creator.  This God-centered worship is founded and grounded in spirit and truth.    Genuine worship is not about our entertainment, it is about God’s glory, which allows us to walk in incredible and amazing faith.  This walk in faith gives us hope, which allows the joy to flow from deep within us.

Take some time to think about the joy of the Lord and take some time to thank Him for such an amazing and wonderful gift!  Blessings!