Happiness Is Your Choice!

You Make The Choice!

Happiness is a choice.  The reason that we tend to miss out on happiness so often, is because we are looking for something big to turn our frown around.  When the something big does not make it our way, then we are disappointed and often allow our disappointment to grow into something bigger than our happiness.

The trick to being happy is learning to appreciate the small things that are blessings and not sweat the small things that are challenges.  So you spilled your coffee all over the car this morning, big deal.  At least you have a car and had a cup of coffee, which is easily replaced.  Do you get it?  We focus on the wrong stuff and miss all the good positive we have to help take us to that place of happiness.

One good, right and positive thought can turn your whole day around.  The key is to get intentional about thinking and rethinking good, right and positive thoughts, so that they begin to take the place of the negative life suckers that seem to always come a knocking.

This is why I sometimes put the little messages up on Facebook at throughout the day. My hope is to encourage, make you smile or give you a good thought.  The small blessings in life matter and they make more of a difference than we realize, especially if we let them.  Look for small blessings today, let them change your focus, turn your day around and make it better and then help someone else to do the same.  You will be glad you did!