Why Do I Write A Blog?

It's Just Me!

A few days ago, a sweet lady came up to me and said:  “Thank you so much for writing and posting on the internet everyday.  I used to read your posts and quotes through some of our mutual friends and then one day, I found your blog.  I really enjoy reading and get something from it everyday and I am amazed at how it almost always speaks to right where I am living.”

That was sweet and I love to hear that people are reading and getting something from what God is allowing me to share.  It all got me to thinking – why do I write a blog post anyway?  I enjoy it, but have to discipline myself to do it.  I am not always so sure about what I am going to write about.  Why do I do this?  There are not necessarily in the right order (that’s another post for another time!), but here are a few of the reason why I blog:

I Do It For Me!  There is something about sitting down to write that causes me to step out of the hurry of this world, so that I can slow down.  When I slow down, I find that I am naturally drawn to my Creator.  Writing is a spiritual experience for.  It helps me to release and let go of things that do not need to be a part of my life.  It helps me to grab hold and hold onto things that do need to be a part of my life.  I guess – its cheap therapy, but it helps to empty the truck!

I Do It For You!  Whenever I sit down to share on a blog post, it usually starts out being about me and what I am facing, learning, being challenged with, or overcoming.  But then it begins to move to the place that if this “ole country boy” can do it, then so can you.  Of, if this “ole country boy” is being challenged with it, then maybe you are too.  When I finish writing and hit publish it is with the hope that what I have written is going to help make life better for someone who is going to read today.

I Do It For My Creator!  Writing is an expression of self.  When I write I am expressing what I think, how I feel.  I am rethinking my learnings and how it all applies to life and it’s living.  Sometimes, my writing is actually me in the midst of a conversation with God.  In my writing He speaks to me and helps me to get my thought together, so that my actions might follow.

Hey!  I’m Michael Joe Harvell and I write blog posts for a variety of different reasons.  I hope it brings God glory and you blessing – thanks for reading and sharing.  I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to unload!  Blessings!