Great Ideas?

"Your Choice Is Your Responsibility!"

“Great people talk about ideas, while average people talk about things and small people talk about other people!”  This quote or some variation has been attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, first lady and wife of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  She was one of the most socially active first ladies in all of history and was a major influence on society.  She received more than her fair share of negative and positive critiques.

This quote makes me think about what I talk about.  The truth is that I have been in all three conversations.  I have been a small person, talking about other people.  I don’t have any real excuse other than I was in fact a small person that thought I was big.  I have been an average person, talking about things.  Nothing really wrong with talking about things, but there is not really a whole lot of value in it.

As I look back and even think about it now – we are all great, when we talk about ideas, especially the ideas that our Creator has put in us.  I don’t want to be a small person, because I know that God created me for more, so I am working hard to not talk about people, even the people who talk about me.  I don’t want to be an average person, because I know that God created me for more, so I am working to not be distracted by things, not even the brief moments of success.

I want to be a great person, not for greatness sake or personal ego, but for God’s glory. I want to talk about ideas – His ideas and how they can and will make this world a better place.  I want to see the ideas become reality.  I’ve got a lot of work to do, but just the idea that I’ve got work to do is a start, so let’s talk about it and see where God will take us…