Got A Habit?

You Have A Choice!

Habits, we all have them, some are good and some are bad.  There are several questions we need to ask concerning habits.  These questions can help us to get a good start on some goals for the new year:  1) What are our habits?  2.) Which ones are good and which ones are bad?  3) How do we get rid of the ones that are doing us harm?  4) What do we replace them with?  5) When will we get started?  Galatians 4:7 says that we are no longer slaves, but children of the Most High God.  We are children with power to live different, better and more fulfilling lives.  We must be willing to do our part, so let’s get started!

WHAT ARE OUR HABITS?  Take a few moments to actually think about your habits, both good and bad.  Think of as many habits as you can and jot them all down.  You may want to ask people around you that you trust to also help you to see what maybe you can’t see.  Once you have your habit list, then you can move to the next step!

WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT IS BAD?  This is where you have to take your list and put every habit on the scales to see what it weighs.  It will be easy to distinguish the difference between some, but a lot of our habits walk a very fine line and this is where you will have to do some real soul-searching.  Determine the good from the bad and make a decision about habits that you need to change or get rid of!

GET RID OF THE BAD BY REPLACING IT WITH GOOD!  Steps 3 & 4 actually work hand in hand!  We all have bad habits.  If we want to make life more fulfilling, then we have to learn to replace our old bad habits of reaction with new good habits of purpose!  Once you decide in your mind that you are going to do this, the heart will ultimately follow and you will find yourself living a very different life!

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING ON?  You know what you need to do!  You’ve been knowing what you need to do for a while.  Even if it is just working on one wrong bad habit at a time, then get it done – you will be glad you did!

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