There’s Life Out There!

There's Life Out There!

William James said:  “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can altar his life by altering his attitude.”  This can be true in a positive way or in a negative way and each individual makes the choice for themselves.

I’ve noticed that when I get bad news, have to face challenges or deal with difficult people, that I often react with a predetermined and predefined reaction.  It is a reaction that I have relied upon for years.  I am not really sure why I rely so heavily upon it, because it rarely does for me, what I need for it to do.

When things are not going the way that I think they should, I am tempted to blow things out of proportion and overreact by focusing on the negative.  This does not move me forward into success, but often actually does just the opposite and renders me immobilized by little things that should have no control over great big me.

I allow these “little things” to irritate and frustrate me and then actually get even more upset when they get in the way of me getting what I want or think I deserve.  This focusing on the negative does not help, it actually hinders in just about every way imaginable.

When you make everything a big deal, then nothing gets the big deal attention that it needs and very little will change, especially in the positive way that you were hoping.  When your life reached this level of frustration it is actually very easy to believe that the cards of life are stacked against you.

This wrong relation to life robs us of the real living that we were created for.  Stop right now and think about how you do this.  Think about what you can do, to change this wrong direction in this very moment.  Now claim more and more of these little moments of victory and watch as your Creator does something amazing in your life by bringing you healing that you did not even know that you needed.

There is a great big amazing life in store for you.  Don’t miss it, grab it, love it and live it – you will be glad you did!