If You Have Children???

"Noise, Noise, Noise!"

Whenever my girls go to spend the night with grandparents, I am thinking this is going to be good, I can use the break!  I mean let’s be honest, they asked a thousand questions and usually with just one word like:  “Why?”, “How?” or “Where?” as in “Where are we going?”  They have loud toys or like to listen to their music loud and if they are the opposite sex, then that creates another set of issues that we don’t even have time to talk about!

While I enjoy my girls going to spend the night, I also can’t stand it, because after about thirty minutes, I am missing them!  I miss the things they say, the expressions on their faces and the crazy things they say!  I miss getting to love them and be loved by them.  When they are gone, it makes me realize how valuable every minute of everyday we get to spend together is!

It’s not just about me missing them.  I am better when I am with them and they are better when they are with me.  God gave them to me and me to them; and He did this on purpose – so that we all could live more fulfilling lives!  Next time the noise from the toys starts to get on your last nerve or the music is just a little too loud, take a moment to think about how you will miss it when it is gone.  Instead of dreading it, jump in there with them and create a memory for you and for them – you will be glad you did!