Free To Be Me!

Free To Be Me!

Sometimes I am not very good at being me, at least not the me that God created me to be.    I’ve noticed as I get older that my physical vision begins to not be as good and my spiritual vision seems to be getting better.  One of the things that my spiritual vision reveals, is that there is much in my life, in all of our lives that we need to give more attention to and a lot that we need to give less attention to.  We seem to worry about all of the wrong stuff and never really show any concern about the stuff that really matters.

I am on a journey, as we end this year and begin a new year to see what I really need to see and do something, the right something about it.  God created us for progress, growth, accomplishment and fulfillment.  I want to do and be what I was created for.  I want to feel and experience, not the success of the world, but the success of my Creator.

Over the next several weeks, I will attempt to unfold some of the raw, ugly and sad things that I have and am discovering about myself.  This is not to depress or discourage, but hopefully to help all of us know that this “mess” exists in all of us and God did not create us to live in bondage, but freedom.

Stop right now and take a moment to think about your life.  Have you accomplished all that you were created for?  Is there anything in your life that does not need to be there, anything that is getting in the way of your moving to the next phase or place that your Creator has for you?  Take the time to think, think honestly and you will discover that there is indeed much work to be done, but it is good work, worthwhile work and if you take the time to do it, then you will be glad you did!