There Are Many Ways To Know God!

He's Closer Than You Think!

There Are Many Ways To Know God!  Here are just a few that I have noticed folks putting into practice recently!

Some people know God as Untouchable!  He is far off and the best we can do is try and understand Him!  We can’t get close to Him and if we do, then He always seems to move.  He is so big, grand and vast that our limited minds can’t grasp much of anything about Him, except for His big vastness.  These folks believe in God, but don’t really understand that it’s possible to have a real and meaningful relationship with Him!  God is big and vast, but He is also close and personal, don’t miss Him!

Some people see God as an Enforcer!  They think:  He is out to get me and can’t wait for me to mess up!  Because we all mess up and sin, we think that the enforcer God is going to punish us by getting us back for our bad behavior.  Whenever anything bad happens in our lives, we tend to blame it on ourselves and some mistake we’ve made. God is righteous and holy, but He is also loving, merciful and gracious.  He loves you and is not out to hurt you, but to help you.  Trust Him and you will be amazed!

Some people see God as Father!  And this is exactly Who He wants to be seen and understood as!  God loves you and wants what is best for your life!  You have made mistakes and probably gotten caught up in some pretty big sins, but God the Father still loves you, wants to forgive you and has a pretty amazing plan for your life!

Matthew 1:23 it says:   23 “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). 

That is exactly Who and What God wants to be in your life – WITH YOU!  Open your mind, heart and spirit and receive Him – you will be glad you did!