A Lid Or A Ladder???

Climb Up And Out!

We need to protect and work to enhance our self-image, because it is either a lid or a ladder.  A limited or negative self-image will act as a lid and never allow us to rise any higher than we see ourselves.  An unlimited or positive self-image will act as a ladder and grant us the opportunity to climb to places that we only dreamed off.

We speak, act, react and live based on the image we have of ourselves.  How we see ourselves is influenced by a lot of different things.  The things that people say to us, the things we say to ourselves, victories, defeats, opportunities, failures, success, friends, enemies, family, work and just life in general all contribute to the image, which in turn contributes to how we live life – the “who we are – based on what we do” syndrome!

Many of us walk around with a negative soundtrack playing in our heads.  We have been fed a steady and almost constant stream of negative.  Live in this world long enough and you are sure to get more than a dose of negative.  It’s on television almost every second of everyday.  It’s in the music that most of us play without even thinking about it.  Our conversations are sprinkled with a rather high dose of the negative stuff, which is often disguised as witty sarcasm.  It all adds up to a negative soundtrack that plays again and again with the same repeating and defeating message:  “You are nothing, you do not matter and you never will.  You are going to mess this up, because you always have and you always will.  Don’t even waste your time trying.  People are going to laugh at you and everyone will know that you are a nothing and a nobody!”

We do not and should not live our lives by that negative and defeating message, instead we should live our lives by the positive and victorious message that flows from the Throne Of Heaven, which says that I am somebody very valuable and highly favored.  When I realize that I am a sinner saved by God’s amazing grace, then my self-image is built upon what He has done, not what I have or have not done.  This solid foundation gives me exactly what I need to build a positive life of expectancy, which encourages me to be and do my all for God’s glory and man’s blessing.

It really is a very simple thing:  Thoughts turn into actions and actions make reality!  If you want to change your reality and make it into something better than it is, then you have to start living with the right actions and reactions.  The best way to live with the right actions and reactions is to start thinking right thoughts.  Not negative, but positive.  Not thoughts that tear down, but thoughts that build up.  Not thoughts that limit you, but thoughts that un-limit you!  God’s Word is full of such thoughts.  There are friends you can discover that will help to fill your life and head with these thoughts.

Don’t let your self-image become a lid that holds you back and keeps you down by trapping you with negative and self-defeating thoughts.  Instead take time to nurture and grow your self-image, so that it will act as a ladder of positive and victorious thoughts that allow you to climb even higher than you could dream or imagine!  You will be glad you did!