God Is Waiting!

Powerful Prayer!

The last year of my life has been an amazing time of growth with God.  It has probably been one of the most difficult and challenging times, while at the same time being one of the most rewarding and growing times!  God has taught me so much and the more He teaches me, the more I realize how much I have to learn.

In His book “Why Revival Tarries Leonard Ravenhill says:  “One praying man stands as a majority with God!”  This sounds good, but many of us fail to understand what this powerful statement really means!

To many times in this world, we become so self-sufficient that we write God right out of the equation.  Our ability gets in the way of our availability!  God is teaching me that I don’t have to do it all, I just have to be available to Him and He will take care of the doing.  He has a plan, I get to be a part and this is not about me, but Him!

Everyone is trying to figure out how to get God to bless.  Our human reasoning comes up with all kinds of ideas and schemes, but usually leaves us flat and yearning for something more.  The formula for God’s blessing is a very simple one:  We need to do God’s work in God’s way with God’s power and in God’s time, and then we are guaranteed God’s blessings, as well as the enemies curses.

To be a prophet is not a popular thing, especially in today’s world.  The preacher can go along with the crowd, but the prophet often has to go against the crowd!  The problem with the modern-day Christian is we are not even interested in having a partnership with God, as if partnership were even really possible.  Who do we think we are that we would deserve to be in partnership with God?

God is teaching me something new:  He is not interested in partnership!  God is only interested in ownership!  When God owns you – you think like God, grieve like God and love like God.  God is not looking to make life easier for us and He is not looking for us to make it easy for Him!  God is looking for us to make it hard, because then the miracle is not because of our planning, but because of His power and majesty.  We often waste God’s time with the smallness of our praying!

Stop asking God to make it easier and start asking God to make you stronger and more dependent upon Him and His great strength!  Stop praying for what you want or for what you think is best and start praying for what God wants and for what God knows is best!

God is more than able and a lot of times He is just waiting for us to ask!