Focus On The Right Thing!

The world is continually trying to drag you down.  People around you, sometimes even those closest to you – are filling your life with all of the wrong messages.  A lot of the time, it is not with any negative intentions, it is just that people get stuck living in negativity and can’t find the way out and don’t want or know how to help anyone else to find the way out either!

We are God’s children and He desires for our lives to be filled with grace, hope, faith and love.  You can’t have grace, hope, faith and love and be pessimistic!  With God’s grace, hope, faith and love, you have to live optimistic and positive, because you know that God is doing something, even if you don’t see it and especially if you don’t  understand it!

This week we have been talking about the reality that we are valuable, because God says so!  Let’s wrap this up by reminding ourselves of the obvious:

1.) When You See Yourself As God Sees You, Then You Will Live Positive And Optimistic!  You were created in God’s image and this is no small thing.  God has an amazing plan for your life, even and especially when things don’t look like they are working the way they should.  We have all made mistakes and we are all sinners, but God loves us, will forgive us and head our lives in the direction of blessing, if we will trust Him!

2.) You Were Made In The Image Of God And This Really Gives You Value!  Stop striving for the approval of others.  You most likely will not get it and if you do, you won’t to keep it.  The approval of others will not do for you what you want it to do, at best it is a temporary fix, a hit to get you through the next moment.  Don’t settle for the limited of man, when you were created for the unlimited of God.  Feel good about who God made you to be and get excited about what God allows you to do!  You can base your self-image on what the world says or on what God says – the choice is yours!

3.) The Big Question:  Does The Image I Have Of Myself Line Up With Who God Says I Am?  You are a priceless treasure!  Yes, you make mistakes, but God loves you anyway!  God’s love us based on who we are, not what we do!  You are a work in progress!  Don’t focus on your weakness, instead focus on your God and He will help you overcome your weakness for His glory!

You are valuable!  Believe it!  Live It!  Encourage Others To Do The Same!  You Will Be Glad You Did!