What’s Your Dream?

Dream A Dream And Go For It!

“The Dream Giver” by Bruce Wilkinson is a great little book with a powerful little story about a guy by the name of Ordinary from a town called Familiar.  Ordinary wakes up one day realizing that He has been given a dream and must face a series of challenges to pursue and accomplish that dream by going to a place called Extraordinary!  As you read through Ordinary’s journey, you move with him through seven stages of the dream journey and discover the steps that you must take to realize the reality of the dream that you have been given by the Dream Giver!

The second part of the book is all personal application, designed to help you discover and pursue your dream!  This book will challenge you to leave the perceived safety of your comfort zone, so that you might go on a journey that helps you to live the life that you were designed for.  The main idea is that everyone has a dream and the only way to accomplish that dream is by taking the journey!

This is a great little book with a very enjoyable story, good advice and motivational challenge.  Everyone needs to read a little everyday, so if you are looking for something different, fun and meaningful, then I encourage you to check out “The Dream Giver!”