The Games We Play!

Do not pass go and do not collect $200!

Games are supposed to be for fun, so why do so many of us insist on playing them, so that they hurt others?  Most of us call ourselves Believers – Believers in what?  If we really believe in Jesus, then let’s stop game playing with people’s lives.

There is nothing wrong with playing a game, until someone get’s hurt and there is no reason for a child of God to hurt anyone else.  “Think before you speak and love before you think!” needs to be a way of life for the true child of God!

God created everyone, so everyone is valuable.  God has an amazing plan for each of our lives and I want to see everyone succeed and experience blessing.  If I have to step on someone else to get ahead, then I guess I will alway be behind, but I would rather be behind, than be a “behind”!

I’ve been guilty of game playing and I’ve been challenged by having games played on me.  I have asked God to forgive me and would ask anyone else that I might have messed with by being so careless to forgive me as well.  I also forgive anyone that has ever played me, because I would not dare ask for what I am not willing to give!

I will do my best from this day forward to not get caught up in playing games unless it happens to be something fun like Monopoly, Red Rover or a good video game!  Give God Glory, Enjoy The Blessing And If You Play A Game – Make Sure It’s A Good One!