My MacBook!

The 13 Inch MacBook!

Tuesday Is For Technology!  I have decided to write about technology that helps me to do the many different things God allows me to do.  Each week, I will try to shine a little spot light on something that helps me to help others!

My MacBook!  A few years ago I made the switch to Apple’s MacBook and I have not regretted it!  I wanted something smaller with more processing power and I wanted something that was not so easy to get attacked with viruses!  I chose the 13 Inch MacBook with lighted keyboard and my MacBook filled the bill!

It has a great battery life.  It is compact and powerful!  It does pretty much everything that I ask it to do.  It has taken a beating!  It was smashed up under a hide-a-bed, dropped off the back of a motorcycle while riding down the road and has been tossed about in a back pack on more than one occasion.  It has many hands on it each week and it always seems to deliver!

I am a very big fan of Apple and have been faithful to use my MacBook, Ipad and Iphone on a daily basis.  Just recently I made a move away from the Iphone, but I will share more on that and why I made the move in a later post.

If you are looking for a good personal computer that is compact and powerful, I would strongly recommend the MacBook.  The only thing that I can think of that would be any better would be the new MacBook Air, but for the money you can pick up a used MacBook for a very decent price and a whole lot of power or what you might call “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!”  I hope this article was helpful and look forward to sharing more of the technology that blesses me, so that I can bless others in the days ahead!  G3!


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  1. Thanks for the review of Mac been wondering a little about what the differences are.I’m not the normal fast track technology person.

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