Slow Down!

Biscuits & Butter = Good Stuff!

When I woke up this morning, I was thinking about how I am in a rush from the moment I wake up, until the moment I lay back down at night to go to sleep.  I am not sure why I am in a rush, because I woke up in plenty of time to do whatever I wanted to do.  It’s just a mentality that I seem to get stuck in and I have noticed that it robs me of the simple pleasures that God has placed all around me.

When I rush, I miss getting to sit and have a meaningful conversation with Him.  When I rush, I fail to enjoy the flavor of the special flavored coffee that I am drinking.  When I rush, I don’t savor the smell of hot biscuits cooking and waiting on a slather of butter.  When I rush, I miss the things that can tickle me from the inside out.  When I rush I miss life as God intends for me to live and enjoy it!

This morning I am trying to slow down, move on purpose and enjoy the moments that God has given me, one moment at a time!  He loves us and out of His amazing love come beautiful and wonderful moments for all of us to be blessed by!  Slow down and enjoy the coffee, biscuit or whatever it is that God has given you to enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Slow Down!”

  1. I feel like I am right behind you. It seems like I rush around all the time. I so enjoy being in my house but I miss being here alot of the time because I’m rushing around somewhere. When does it end? I must enjoy it because……………..that’s my life!!

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