Out Of The Box!

This Box Ain't For You!

I have a friend that bought one of those little computers and it got messed up, so we have been trying to figure out how to fix it.  I gave up on it about a month ago and just put everything back in the box and sat it on a shelf.  I took the box down yesterday and pulled the computer out and thought what a waste for this thing to sit in the box on a shelf!

Later I got to thinking about my life and ministry.  I work hard to be outside of the box.  There is not much that I can do inside the box to be a blessing to others.  There is not much that I can do inside of the box to bring glory to the One Who gave me life!  To be a blessing to others and to bring glory to God, I have to get out and stay out of the box.

The Bible says that we were created in the image of God.  You can’t put God in a box!  There is not a box big enough or strong enough to hold Him and His glory!  If we are made in His image, then it stands to reason that we were not made for the box either.

Stop putting yourself in the box!  Don’t allow other people to put you in the box!  Be who God created you to be!  Do the awesome things that God created you to do.  Be a blessing to others and bring glory to God by getting out of the box if you are in it and by staying out of the box if you are out of it!  G3!