Friendship Matters!

How Many Of You Loved This Show?

We are getting ready to begin a new series at Northwood called BFF! – Building Faithful Friends! In preparation for this series, I have been searching the scriptures, reading everything I can get my hands on and observing the lives of others while reflecting on my own, to try to better understand friendship.

I have discovered several principles that we need to consider and reconsider on an ongoing basis, if we are to be a friend and have a friend!  The first principle is what I call The Principle Of Priority! It basically says that “If friendship really matters we will recognize it as a priority that touches every other area of our lives!”

We have a decision to make!  “Does friendship matter?” If it matters, then the next question is: “Is it worth the effort?” If it’s worth the effort, then we must make it a priority, which means that we give it “top shelf” attention, time and effort.

I have to admit that with a lot of my friendships, I have not given them the priority that they need and deserve.  (The truth is – I have not given any of my friendships the priority they need and deserve!)  This is an area of my life that I am right now working to fix, so that my life might bring God greater glory and my friends more special blessing!

If our friendships are right and growing, then every other area of our lives is better!  Thank you for being my friend and know that I look forward to growing our friendship in the days, months and years ahead!