You Are Really Special!

It Only Takes A Spark!

You are special, don’t allow anyone to tell you any different!  God created you as you and that makes you very special.  God not only created you, but He also gifted you!  God has given each of His special creations – special gifts!  You have a special gift from God!

The Scriptures teach us to “Kindle afresh the gift of God which is in you.”  2 Timothy 1:6  What does this tell me?  It tells me that I have a gift in me that God has given to me and I need to “kindle afresh” (fan into flame, stir up, readjust the embers) that gift, so that I can do the thing that God has given me to do and be the special creation that God has created me to be!

You have a gift in you that God has given you!  Adjust the embers, stir up, fan into flame and kindle afresh this amazing gift and do what God created you to do.  As you do, you will accomplish great things and discover the joy of being one of God’s special creations!