I invest some major portion of my life everyday trying to be a help, encouragement or blessing to others.  I don’t feel that my day has been successful, if I have not helped to lift, challenge, encourage and motivate others.  There are a variety of methods that I use.  I write this blog, Facebook, Twitter and email.  I write personal notes and make phone calls.  But my favorite way is through personal interaction.  I typically spend the mornings in the office and the afternoons out and about trying to be with and meet people.

It is amazing to me all of the very special people who God has created and put in this world.  Most of them do not look, act or think a bit like me, but I still love getting to interact and do life with them.  It is amazing how I can meet a complete stranger and they can really know me and know more about me than some of the people who I see on an ongoing basis.

I am thankful for my friends past and present – they are a gift from God!  I am also thankful for the new friends that God will allow me to make today!  Please know that I am here and looking forward to experiencing some friendship with you!  Thanks for reading and I hope it blessed!