A Little Motorcycle Theology!

Last night after church I hopped on the motor and went for a little ride into the night.  When I am on the motorcycle, I observe so much more of everything that is around me.  The moon, while it was not full, was especially bright against the dark sky.  The cool breeze blowing across my face made me feel extra alive.  The smell of the honeysuckle brought a smile to my face as I thought back to childhood memories.

I stopped and thought for a moment why is life so different on the back of a motorcycle?  And the answer is:  Because I want it to be and I need it to be.  Even though I am speeding down the highway, life slows down and I drink it in.  God has blessed us with this life here on this earth.  We need to slow down and live it according to the plan that He has mapped out for us.

There is so much that He wants us to be blessed by, but we often miss it because we are living way to fast and we run right past His plans.  Take some time to slow down today and enjoy the sight, sounds and smells of the ride that God has you on – you will be glad that you did!