Everyday of my life for a lot of years now, I have begun my day by meeting God early in the morning, before I get involved in anything else.  This appointment and practice has made and continues to make a huge difference in my life. 

I usually start of by taking a few moments to talk with God.  I thank Him for the night of rest or challenge – which ever it happened to be.  I ask Him to speak to me as I read His Word and help me to see and understand His way. 

I then read some verse or verses – usually according to some kind of plan that the Spirit has helped me to map out.  I think, listen and God speaks.  It is not an audible voice, it is a Spirit voice!  (Although I have come to recognize it almost as an audible voice!)  It is a voice that I hear inside of me and around me.  It is clear, real and very reassuring! 

I then take a few moments to write down or journal what I have heard and what I plan to do about it.  On most days I conclude this time with prayer which I speak or write out – just basically thanking God for the time together and for what He is teaching me and asking for guidance and strength!

This is just a little something personal from me to you and I hope that it blesses and makes your day better!  God Bless, Press On and G3!