Where Do You Live?

If I were to ask you the question:  “Where do you live?”  what would be your response?  Many would give their address, some would name their town and a few would be skeptical and not willing to give an answer at all.  When I ask that question, I am not really asking for the physical location.  I am really asking were do you live spiritually and emotionally?

God desires for us to live with Him in a relationship that changes everything.  A lot of people see their relationship with God as being the thing that gets them out of Hell and into Heaven!  We tend to think of our relationship with God as something that is in the future.  We see it as a place that we might live one day.

A relationship with God is a place that we should be living right now in every moment of every day!  God loves you and has an amazing plan for your life.  Enjoy loving Him back and living in the powerful moments of that plan, and trust me, you will be glad you did!