Photo Fun Thursday!

I am back and I have some photos and a few thoughts to share.  Everyone seems to enjoy this every time that I post, so if you like it, then I will continue as long as I have some photos and some thoughts!

GRACE! This is my oldest.  When God blessed us with our first child, He started to educate me in a whole new way.  One of the greatest things that He has taught me is about a “Father’s Love!”  I am so thankful for God’s Grace and as a way of saying thanks we chose to name our first child in honor of this most precious gift from God.  Just a little about Grace – she is an adventurer, dreamer and loves most anything that her dad loves!


HOPE! This is my youngest.  When God blessed us with our second child, He started to teach me about patience, which has taken my understanding of a Father’s love to a whole new level.  Hope is sometimes a challenge, but that does not really bother me, because I can see her potential.  God sees our potential, even when and especially when we are a challenge.  We named our second child Hope because we are thankful for the hope that God gives through His Son Jesus Christ.  Just a little about Hope.  She is the captain of her ship and your ship to – if you will let her.  She will try just about anything and has her very own, very special personality!


FIN! They just don’t make them like they used to!  I love the old cars – the bigger and heavier the better!  I was downtown at a car show and snapped this picture that takes you back if you’ve got a little age on ya!  So many sizes, shapes and concepts through the years.  Reminds me that God is a God of variety!  He does not make any two exactly a like.  God made you and you are special and never let anyone tell you any different!


WRECK! I was traveling through Greer on day a few weeks ago and I came up on this wreck, right after it happened.  I got out of my truck and snapped a few shots.  fortunately, no one was hurt.  Every time I look at this picture, I can’t help but think:  This lady had no idea when she got out of bed that morning that she was going to break in half a power pole with her car.  You never know what is going to happen when, where and to who – so make sure that you are ready for whatever!  Get into a real relationship with God and grow it everyday!

FUNNY!FUNNY! I just could not resist putting this one in today.  One of God’s great gifts is the gift of laughter.  God delivers that gift through family and friends that we love and who love us back.  This picture reminds me of God’s gift of laughter, family and friends.  I am a lucky and blessed man!

Take some time today to think about your blessings and be thankful!


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