Don’t Be Afraid!

It's Just Me!

I Like To Think Of Myself As An Ordinary Guy! I like meat and taters, sweet tea, fast motors, a pony tail on a good-looking girl, riding with the windows down, a cool evening after a hot day,  a good joke and laughing with my friends!  I think if you were to meet me and not know anything about me, that you would probably like and enjoy my company.

I Am Not The Judge! I am very careful in the living of my life, to try to not judge a book by its cover, because I have met a lot of people and have quiet a few friends that look like one thing, but in reality are another.  I have noticed lately that when people find out that I am a pastor – the walls go up.  It’s like they are afraid that I am going to whip out a 1611 King James Version Bible and start whopping them upside the head.  That’s not me and that’s not how I roll!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Me Because I Am A Pastor! I am really just a normal guy that believes in the power of a spiritual connection that makes all the difference in my life and has the potential to make the difference in the lives of others! It’s not about rules and regulations, it’s about relationship! It’s about relationship with the One who created and sustains me.  I am not wierd, I am not out to steal your children, I am not here to beat you up, I believe the world does enough of that!

Just Here To Help! I am here to grow and help others to grow in a spiritual connection that really matters and really makes a difference!  If you will take a chance and get to know me, I think you’ll be glad you did!  If you will take a chance to get to know me, I think you will discover that sometimes preacher/pastors get a bad rap!  I hope to see you on the road and I hope that when I do, we will have a chance to be friends.  You really have nothing to be afraid of!


2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid!”

  1. Thanks for helping me in my relationship with Christ and with others. I used to be one who would judge, but I’m allowing God to change me in this area and it is great to get to know others and to let them get to know me. Life is much easier and enjoyable as we do it together!!

    Thanks for being a cool pastor!!

  2. Thank you for being a regular guy. It’s so much easier to connect when the fear is gone. Keep it real! Catch you on the flip side!

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