Chase Or Be Chased!

Chase Or Be Chased!

You have a choice to make!  Are you going to chase or be chased?  Everyday, you get to make the decision – will you chase the devil away or will you allow him to chase you away from the blessings and growth that God has for you?

It really is simple!  You are chasing him or he is chasing you and you get to decide which it is going to be.  James 4:7 says: “Submit yourselves, then, to God.  Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

If we will submit to God and resist the devil, then he will have to flee – run away from us.   When you get up in the morning, you have a choice to make:  Are you going to be the one chasing the devil or will you be the one running away from the devil?” The choice is yours!  You make the decision for you!


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  1. Really like the new look. Thanks for the encouraging words and the Scripture. Sure do need to be reminded often. Love you all!

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