A Few More Photos!

Hope you enjoy this weeks installment of photos and that you find some blessing that you can share with others!


The harsh cold of winter has passed and life begins to spring forth.  It is an amazing time of the year and it is an amazing time in our lives.  Winter is a reality and so is spring, so enjoy the life that God has given you and do your best to make everyday count!


Lights are on, the television is playing and the refrigerator is chilling the sweet tea.  Something that we cannot see is causing all of these things to run and do what they were created to do.  That “something” is power!  Come to think of it, there is something that flows into and through each one of us, enabling us to do what we’ve been created to do.  That “something” is power!  Thank God for His power flowing into and through your life and enabling you to be the something special that you are for Him and His Kingdom!


I have some friends that call this their favorite color!  This is a picture of my 08 Heritage Softail.  I have told people that I was crazy to buy it, but probably would have went crazier if I had not.  Words on paper cannot express the therapy I receive when I straddle this baby and grab some highway.  God blesses all of us with different gifts.  Allowing me to enjoy His creation in the seat of a motorcycle, with the wind in my face and my troubles behind me is a gift that keeps on giving!


We seem to never have enough, yet we have all been given the same amount.  One of the biggest challenges of life is not wasting what you have been given.  I have always hoped that as I preach, teach and write that it might encourage, challenge and motivate others to get the most out of their time here on this earth!


I grew up on a set of these!  One of my favorite places that I ever lived was in a trailer right next to the tracks in a little town called Williamston.  Tracks are a lot like people – wherever you encounter them, they are coming from some place and going to  somewhere.  Life is a journey – and we are all on it together so let’s enjoy it – together!