A Bold Vision And A Big Dream!

God’s Gift! When I came to Northwood, God gave me a bold vision and a very big dream.  I have seen some parts of the vision accomplished and a little bit of the dream grow into reality.  I have thought and prayed a lot in recent days about why God would put something in my head and heart and then not allow it to become reality.  And have realized that it is not God that has gotten in the way, it is man – sometimes myself and sometimes others!

My Concern! I don’t have any doubt about what God showed me over ten years ago about His plans and future for a church called Northwood.  But I do have some concerns about some of the people, who tell you to your face that they believe, support and are willing to do “whatever it takes” and then end up going behind your back with a totally self-serving message.  Come on people (church people everywhere) don’t you realize that we are all in this thing for God’s glory!  It is so much bigger than our personal preference and agenda!

With God All Things Are Possible! God is great at giving big visions and dreams to His leaders, and a lot of church people are great at killing those big visions and dreams.  It seems that today, there are a lot more people shouting the reasons why it can’t be done, than there are people shouting that with God all things are possible.

Reality! Let’s face reality:  Most people are selfish and the number one reason that most people who don’t support the “Big Dream” of God, will not support the “Big Dream” of God is because they are afraid that the dream will require them to step out of their comfort zone.  It is hard, almost impossible to start a fire with wet wood!

On The Lookout! I am at a place in my life and spiritual journey, where I am looking for some men, women, boys and girls, who will encourage me to dream the “Big Dreams” of God.  I am looking for some people who will say:  “We can and we will!”

My name is Michael Joe Harvell and God has given me a dream.  A dream for His Church to really matter and make a difference – today and for all eternity.

My prayer is that God will put me with other big dreamers or bring big dreamers to me, so that together we can give God the glory that He deserves!

I just had to get that out – now I feel much better!  Thanks for reading!